introducing Sioux ‘Suzie’ Bubbles

Sioux ‘Suzie’ Bubbles: a cat in Birmingham, England. His humans regard him as a joyful, clever, charming and very inquisitive beast. They have just completed phase two of the kitten stage, and Sioux rates progress as ‘satisfactory’.

Phase Three: a cat’s ambitions begin to turn to freedom. Suzie was very animated at solstice dawn, and inspired one of his humans, Corv, to do some exercise. Corv arrived at dawn to say hello. After customary greeting, Suzie stretched out in a yoga style. Corv was inspired by the stretch as Suzie wandered, unimpressed, to the window to watch the street light up. Corv stretched himself – he needed it – with some standard but well executed yoga moves. Sioux immediately relocated, walking from the window to right under the arch the human was making, and with curious and happy purrs looked up at the stretch . To Corv they were new sounds, while Sioux hadn’t really seen Corv do yoga before. Suzie was trying out some new tones, new configurations of sounds, and Cor healed, and was happy. And so it was written.


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