The Moon When All Things Ripen

…and Bubbles has a morning to himself

Last Friday; photo by benweb3.1

Suzie Bubbs is learning to be both a house cat and an outdoor cat,and since Corv occasionally works unsociable hours from home is able to let him roam the night with a safe haven to return to. but Sometimes Cor needs his sleep, and Bubbles gets wrangled indoors. But cat can roam where humans seem fearful to tread, and that is exactly what this cat did this week. 4am and Suzie refused to make the leap home. Suzie moved in a 45 degree arc, so a miaow reached Corv’s ears every 3 degrees of arc but no cat was forthcoming. So he locked the door and went to bed. Sioux was on the move but no way in.

From Midnight to Noon

Bubbs had already been out since Midnight, and now from 4am onwards stayed out, without the safety net of an easy way indoors. Not till noon the next day did Sioux hear the call of his human house dweller, and of course came in right away in perfect, if ruffled condition. After a quick bite of rabbit paté the cat fasted and slept for the rest of the day. The morning’s middle few hours had been cold, followed by a slow warmth from only the sun, and with just the merest hint of reflection Bubbles felt only one possible flaw: that he’s maybe too awesome. It doesn’t hurt to learn the occasional lesson, and get back indoors where he knows the pitfalls – all too well.

Yesterday he was back to the outdoors, up on a low roof in the sun watching over the community, at least four gardens at once, watching as the sound of a particular cat scrabbled in the undergrowth…