The Ministry of Chance

suzie watching
a deliberate juxtaposition of two nice cats

Suzie’s seen some mean looking cats out and about, but that’s nothing compared to internet cats. Check out Chance, pictured below!

a cat called Chance
An Untruthful and Accidental Photograph of a Nice Cat by Polly Nance
Scary huh? Sioux showed mild alarm, but is relieved to discover Chance lives on another continent, with photographer Polly Nance.

Sioux isn’t the only feline Suzie to appear on WordPress recently, as discovered using the tagsurfer feature. Surfing ‘feline’ brings up the whole crew of wordpress cats, including an invaluable cat communication guide over at Ferrier Felines.
But imagine the surprise here at Sioux Bubbs central on surfing the ‘suzie’ tag to see Suzie, One Mad and Clean Cat, over on the charming blog of Bev Pawlowski. A cat called Suzie – who would have thought it? Suzie, a “4 year old adult Calico Cat”, recently experienced the horror all domesticated cats must one day face – a bath!

Sioux sympathises, as he recalls well the day he was given a shower upon returning covered in some substance unwanted in the home. He too resisted any attempt to dry him. He would have cleaned himself eventually, and could not understand humans impatience. Towels represented a further indignity, but bedraggled and damp he had to submit, then retired, still bedraggled, to finish the job himself, slinking away, shaking his leg.


6 thoughts on “The Ministry of Chance

  1. Thanks for the subscription!! Hope you enjoy the blog.
    Your cat is absolutely ADORABLE. Look forward to seeing more!!

    1. Twas a quick snap but it looks good as a collocation with your ‘An Untruthful…’. Here’s to accidental shots that pay off. A chance glance at Chance, who looks as if auditioning for some kind of feline horror movie, but once you get over the sheer shock of the image the expression in the cats face is very striking and clear. He looks like a formidably fierce pirate, but in a good, happy mood.

  2. Too funny! I bet he made that ear piercing, guttural sound that could very easily be incorporated in a horror movie. Some of the funniest things Suzie does is with her big “sister”, Molly. Molly is our (German shepherd blend) mutt who enjoys Suzie’s company. Suzie is slowly warming up to her and even swats her tail when she walks by. πŸ™‚

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