Science and Sioux Bubbles

Humans love looking for understandable, repeatable patterns. In this task they use a particular methodology they call science, which tends to see itself as a repository of objective truth about life, the universe and everything. Sioux sees science as a great game to play, but gets confused over the rules. Sioux ‘Suzie Bubbs’ Bubbles is aware of the power of naming, and science is not excepted, making values with words. ‘Parasite‘, for example: disgusting free-loaders that harm their hosts just to survive? Or are they fellow travellers who enjoy a symbiotic relationship with some and a predatory relationship with others, just like all animals? Who decides if an animal is a pest or a pleasure? Essential or vermin? It depends on your point of view, a question of philosophy as much as science. Whatever name you use, it will mean something other than what you want it to mean.

Confusion increases when journalists get hold of science ideas and they tend to spin them, off into ideas of their own that don’t necessarily accurately report the actual science.

This affects cats. Humans love reading the latest theories about cats, and may change their behaviour accordingly. For this reason, starting this week, Suzie will endeavour to catch, play with, scratch, chew, disembowel and deliver to you the latest and greatest felinology news on the planet, with incisive and rigorous commentary, purring at some, hissing at others. Suzie is not a qualified scientist, and does not promise objectivity or freedom from bias and personal motivations: he is, after all, a cat. Suzie does promise to blog cat science without fear, but with felicity, fun and fidelity.


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