Happy New Year

Once again, we apologise for the lack of recent updates. The problem was lack of access to a camera with memory to spare, but this has now been resolved, so expect normal service to resume shortly. The last part of 2011 was eventful for Sioux and it is a shame these events were not recorded and blogged as they happened. In particular, Siouxie was castrated by a vet, and any responsible cat blog would have included before and after photos, as well as blogging the cat’s psychological reactions to testicle-deprivation. Other events include Siouxie getting on Facebook (with Oli’s help), chasing ghost mice, sustaining a leg-wound, and for Christmas getting his first taste of catnip! Sadly we cannot share with you extensive video of these momentous events in the life of a cat. Although some does exist, and this will be shared, much of these experiences live only in the memories of his human staff. Expect written posts about these events over the next week however, which will try to capture the flavour of these experiences in prose.

Siouxie was out all night though, and for now is sleeping peacefully.

sleeping cat


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